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Retailer LAFUMA MOBILIER Dehner GmbH & Co. KG

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Eppelheimer str. 76
69123 Heidelberg
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Dehner GmbH & Co. KG , LAFUMA MOBILER in Heidelberg dealer proposes the best in garden furniture.
Dehner GmbH & Co. KG invites you to come discover their selection of products, for your moments of relaxation on holidays or at home by the pool, on the patio or on your balcony...
Lafuma Mobilier, a symbol of "made in France" quality with outstanding products adapted to your needs: camping chairs, garden tables, transat chairs, sunbeds to discover at Dehner GmbH & Co. KG in Heidelberg ...

Discover our collections


The PATIO collection perfectly illustrates the style, technicality and comfort of the LAFUMA MOBILIER brand. Its new textiles and cushioning such as BeComfort® are revolutionary for your moments of relaxation. Comfortable seating that is still as durable, which your family and friends will love next to the pool, in the garden, or even in your living room.


The TERRASSE collection allows you to make your garden the most important room in your home. With its limited editions and cheerful colours, LAFUMA outdoor furniture offers you the chance to make your outdoor space into a whole new play area. With clever, practical features, the loungers, armchairs and sun loungers will guarantee relaxing times around the pool, on the patio or in the conservatory.


The NATURE collection represents the essence of Lafuma’s outdoor furniture. Wanting to celebrate its origins, the company continues to offer, year after year, portable, light and compact products for relaxing in the garden as well as when travelling. The essential colourways of the Batyline® and Texplast® fabrics are designed to please the die-hard fans of the brand’s iconic products.


LAFUMA MOBILIER's range of accessories is not really just an accessory..They have been designed to simplify the use of various products, as well as making transporting them easier, protecting them in any eventuality, and also to support you in personalising your items as you wish.